Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Taj Mahal : The Eternal Love Story

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal the wonder of the modern world , is one most popular mausoleum of Asia.Every person who  came to India must visit Taj Mahal " Dream in White Marble ". It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his most loveable wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1648 A.D at Agra. Construction began in 1631 A.D and was competed in 22 years by 20,000 workers and Architects .
The principal Architect of Taj Mahal was Ustad Ahmad Lahauri , Abd-ul-Karim and Makramat Khan.It was built on the bank of river Yamuna , in the south of Agra.The TAj mahal was constructed using materials form all over the Indian sub continent .While marble from Makrana , Rajasthan , Jasper from Punjab, crystal from China.The turquoise was from Tibet and Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan and carnelian from Arabia.
Sculptors and calligraphers are called from Bukhara, Syria and Persia.This Grand design was completed in 1648 A.D.The Taj Mahal incorporates Persian architecture and Mughal Architecture.
It was declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983 A.D.Taj Mahal attracts huge number of tourists almost 5 million people visits  Taj Mahal every year.It is one of most romantic tourist places in all over the world .

Some quotation on Taj

“Tear on the face of eternity” 

    Rabindranath Tagore

 "The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs and makes sun and moon shed tears from their eyes. In this world this edifice has been made to display, thereby, the Creator's glory."   

Shah Jahan (Badshah Nama)

"If I had never done anything else in India, I have written my name here, and the letters are a living joy."

Lord Curzon, the British Governor-General


Taj Mahal Ariel View

"A massive marble structure, without weight, as if formed of ether, perfectly rational and at the same time entirely decorative, it is perhaps the greatest art work which the forming spirit of mankind has ever brought forth."
German Philosopher, Count Hermann Keyserling

Taj in Morning

 I think Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Never imagined that They and their creation will be become the Symbol of Love all over the world up to Eternity !

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sikhism : Rise of Khalsa

Sikhism is newest in the tradition of religions in India. It is founded in 15th Century by Guru Nanak Dev. It continued to develop with ten successive gurus .Guru Nanak was the first in this tradition .He opposed all the social evils prevailed at that time in society.Guru Nanak warned against hypocrisy and falsehood saying that these are pervasive in humanity and that religious actions can also be in vain. He emphasizes on the purity of heart and prayer towards ek onkar satnam .

Guru Nanak Dev traveled thousands of kilometer towards Bengal , Assam , Tamil Nadu , Kashmir , Ladakh , Tibet , Baghdad ,Mecca and Median in Arabian Peninsula .

 After Guru Nanak ,Guru Angad became next guru of Sikh community .He invented the Gurmukhi script and developed it .The scripture of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is weitten in Gurmukhi .

Next in this Guru tradition comes Guru Amar Das , he take a aim to fight against caste restrictions and untouchability .He also completely abolished the tradition of Sati amonged Sikhs.and started Anand Karaj marriage ceremony for Sikhs.
After him Guru Ram and Guru Arjan Dev became 4th and 5th Guru of Sikhs. Guru Arjan Dev Ji compiled the Adi Granth and wrote the Sukhmani Sahib. He became the first Martyr Guru of Sikh to be executed by the orders of Mughal Emperor Jahanjir.
Guru Har Govind ,Guru Har Rai and Guru Har Krishan became 6th,7th and 8th Guru of Sikhs and contributed significantly in the development of Sikh tradition .
Guru Tegh Bhadur was the next Guru , he laid down his life for the protection of the Hindu and his followers .He was the firm believer that Freedom of Worship should be given to all.He was executed by the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb.
Guru Govind Singh ji was the last and the most powerful Guru of all .He created the Khalsa  and changed the Sikhs in to saint warriors .  he gave five major symbols to Sikhs
3 Kara
4 Kacchera
5 Kripan

In his  leadership Sikhs fight against Great Mughal Empire with bravely and succeeded many times.He established his capital at Anandpur .
He was assassinate my two pathans in Nanded. He declared the Grath Sahib as the next Guru of the Sikhs.
Thus after Guru Govind Singh Ji tradition of Guru handed over to Guru Grath Sahib.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sufism : Search of Truth

With the Rise of Islam in India , there comes another wonderful philosophical heritage
 to India ,Sufism in late 1000 A.D . Sufism is the Mystical , Liberal and Popular form of Islam.
Various Sufi Silsila came to India and become very popular in India.
 Indian Culture and Heritage always welcomed all the Great Traditions and  Philosophies of the world .

The most important Silsila in India are Shadhiliyya ,Chishtiyyah , Naqshbandiyyah , Qudiriyyah and  Suharwardiyya .Chishti Silsila is the most popular silsila in India and introduced by Khwaha Moinuddin Chishti .After him Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki , Fariduddin Ganjshakar and Nizamuddin Auliya were main Saints of Chishti Silsila.Other Sufi Silsila were also popular but not as Chishti because of  liberal and popular teaching of Chisti .Today Sufi Dargha are respected by  not only by Muslims but also by all other religions of India .
Today ,Sufi Dargha are the example of Secular Character of India .

Nasiruddin Mahmud Chirag-e-Delhi

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya

khwaja moinuddin chishti

Sheikh Salim Chisti

Fariduddin Ganjshakar

India .... the Land of Great Diversity in Unity so many religions , ideologies , Sects , Philosophies but one aim goal Find , to discover ,  to search The Ultimate Truth ....The One ....!  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Advaita :Matrix or Maya ! illusion !

 Concept of Maya (illusion ) is given by the great Indian  Philosopher,Teacher ,Saint  Adi Shankarcharya in 9th Century A.D. in his Advaita Philosophy. One the Greatest philosophies after Buddha and Mahavira.
Maya means illusion which restrict all the organisms of the universe to see the ultimate reality "The Brahama " " The one ".

Adi Shankarcharya
Maya is as real as physical world but it is not Truth , actually it is curtain that hide The truth . When we observe the world we saw differences in physical , mental , ideological , conceptual existence on every plane, in every dimension , Maya creates an illusion of duality but the Truth is always behind Maya . The world as we think is just a reflection  created by Maya ,All our relations , dreams , aspirations , ideologies and life is just a Grand Design of illusion ...We live ....We love ....We hate ...And We die in this illusion ( Even our death is also a biggest Illusions of all ).
The Great consciousnesses manifests in different forms form fundamental elements to Mega Galaxies , all are hidden in the curtain of Maya
Only with the help of pure consciousnesses one can revel this Mystery.But for going on the level of purest form of consciousnesses one should work very very hard .Only the True Knowledge rise the consciousness which will ultimately reveal The One !

Note : Similar type of Theory( Not Exactly ) is shown in Hollywood Blockbuster Movie -Matrix ,
 Actually if you go through Vedanta + Buddhism + Jainism you will got the Whole concept of Matrix  .
Vedanta = The Concept of Illusion /Matrix
Buddhism = The problem of Choice and Cause -Effect
Jainism = The Power of Will & Sacrifice 

All these great philosophies are the Glimpses of Ultimate Consciousness....and gift to the organic life of the Earth ,Homo-sapiens !