Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ashoka and Akbar : Two Great Emperors


There are only two kings in India which usually titled as The Great !
The Great Ashoka ( 304 B.C to 232 B.C)
The Great Akbar   (1542 A.Dto 1605 A.D)
 Both the emperors are separated by  1700  years of time difference but still there are many interesting similarities between them :-
1. Ashoka and Akbar both in the initial stages of their reign tried to expand their Empire and Fought many wars.

2. Way to Throne for both was not easy , both faced many hurdles.

3.Ashoka and Akbar both changed themselves after seen the casualties of the War    .

4. Both followed the policy of Non-violence in the latter period of their Life.

5. Ashoka and Akabar used their power and resource for the welfare of people .

6. Both Emperors tried to start new sect and their own religion Asohka started "Dhamma " and Akbar started "Din -i-Ilahi " , both sects were not new religion but collection of Some common Moral values.

7. Empire of Both kings extended up to Modern Afghanistan. (Most   Difficult to control and retain)

8.Ashoka and Akbar both tried to have cordial relations with other neighboring Empires . Ashoka with Greece& Egypt and Akbar with Iran & Ottoman Turks .

9. Ashoka and Akbar followed the Policy of Religious tolerance towards their Subjects.

The Great Ashoka
The Great Akbar
They Both are still inspiring  millions of Indian ...that Greatness of the Power lies in its Use !

Fathepur Sikri By Akbar
Sanchi Stupa by Ashoka