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Bahubali :The Greatest Meditator Ever !


Bahubali  was one the most famous Arihanta .He was the second son of first Tirthankara , Rishabha.
Bahubali had a elder brother , Bharata. Bharata wanted to capture Kingdom of Bahubali and he challenged Bahubali in personal fight contest. Both bothers were entered into three traditional forms of fighting contest
Drishti yuddha, Jala yudha and Malla yuddha.

In Malla Yudha both brother had to fight each other by hitting heads with fists. Bharat had the first shot , and he almost knocked Bahubali to the ground . When turn Bahubali came everybody know that Bahubali was the strongest warrior of that time and if he hit Bharat than surely he will die.

But as Bahubali raised his arm to land a blow, he paused realizing that fighting his elder brother for land , wealth and power was neither sane nor righteous. Thinking this Bahubali changed the direction of his blow.
And left his all possessions and became a solitary renunciant . He renounced his materialistic world , for the search of Peace.

 He took to meditation with a thirst for truth, but - it was for ego that he took to meditation on his own.
Among monks who accept monastic vows, one must bow to all others who have accepted previously regardless of age. Bahubali knew that if he went to Lord Rishabdev (Aadinath) for permission to take monastic vows, he would have to bow down to all his 98 younger brothers, who had renounced before him. Bahubali began meditating with great resolve to attain supreme knowledge, but did not succeed because his ego, which stopped him from visiting his father's court, did not allow him to attain this Keval Jnana.

However, Bahubali was adamant. He continued his practice unmindful of the vines, ants, and dust which enveloped his body. Concerned, his sisters  asked Tirthankar Adinath about their worldly brother Bahubali. Tirthankar Adinath said that, although just moments away from enlightenment, Bahubali could not achieve it because he didn't realise that he was standing on 'the Elephant' - Ego.
When his sisters know this fault , they reached to Bahubali and told him his fault.Soon Bahubali realized his fault and shed off his ego and pride.
And after that he began his teaching to the people , to show right path.

His momentous statue is enraged at Shravanabelagola near Bangluru ( Karnataka ) in 983 A.D.
It is 55 ft high and built with a single block of granite

Today We remember Bahubali for his courage , sacrifice , energy , determination and his path of salvation .He was the greatest Meditator of all time in India . His path is the path of determination , courage and sacrifice.

Really , Bahubali was "The Bahubali ...."  !


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