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Annie Besant : The Rise of Theosophy

Annie Besant 

Annie Besant was a Great British Theosophist , writer , orator ,Women right activist  and supporter of Home Rule (Swaraj ). She was born in 1847 A.D in London .  She had a remarkable questioning nature and curiosity . She started part time study at the Brikbeck Literary and Scientific Institution , where she got inspiration to search the Ultimate Truth behind all religions .She fought for the women's rights and secularism .  She also questioned the conventional thinking of churches and supported home rule in Ireland . She also had close relation with Marxist leaders of that time .

 In 1889, she  wrote a review for the Pall Mall Gazette on The Secret Doctrine by H.P Blavatsky.
 After reading it, she sought an interview with its author, meeting Blavatsky in Paris. In this way she was converted to Theosophy. Besant's intellectual journey had always involved a spiritual dimension, a quest for transformation of the whole person. As her interest in Theosophy deepened, she allowed her membership of the Fabian Society to lapse (1890) and broke her links with the Marxists.
 In 1893 A.D she went to India for the First Time ( In this Year Swami Vivekananda went to Chicago to participate in Parliament of World Religions .She Established Theosophical Society in Chennai ,Adyar.

Besant met fellow Theosophist Webster Leadbeater in London in 1894. They became close co-workers in the Theosophical Movement and would remain so for the rest of their lives . Annie Besant became the president of Theosophical society in 1908 A.D . Annie Besant set up a new school for boys, the Central Hindu School at Benras ,India which was formed on underlying Theosophical principles, and which counted many prominent Theosophists in its staff and faculty. Its aim was to build a new leadership for India.

With J.Krishnamurti

J.J Krishnamurti

 In 1909, soon after Besant's assumption of the presidency, Leadbeater "discovered" fourteen-year-oldJ.J Krishnamurti  (1895–1986), a South Indian boy who had been living next to the headquarters of the Theosophical Society at Adyar and declared him the probable "vehicle" for the expected World Teacher .
The "discovery" and its objective received widespread publicity and attracted worldwide following, mainly among Theosophists
 In 1929, twenty years after his "discovery", Krishnamurti, who had grown disenchanted with the World Teacher Project, repudiated the role that many Theosophists expected him to fulfil. He dissolved the Order of Star in the East .He spent the rest of his life traveling the world as an unaffiliated speaker, becoming in the process widely known as an original, independent thinker on philosophical, psychological, and spiritual subjects.
With M.KGandhi

 Annie Besant has some major contributions in the Indian freedom Struggle, She joined Indian National Congress and supported demand of Home Rule in India. She with the help of Lokmanaya Tilak established Home Rule League in 1916 A.D  . But after the rise of Gandhi ,methods of protest not limited to home rule only , but Non Cooperation .So difference raised between New congress Leadership and Annie Besant .  After 1920 A.D Annie Besant separated herself from Congress. She was died in 1933 A.D .
She lived many roles in her life Political Activist , Marxist , Social Reformer , Spiritual Teacher and Theosophist .

Theosophical Society

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